Conference Call

Can meetings be a waste of time?

Meetings can be a huge consumer of time and cost especially meetings for the sake of meetings. Simply organising meetings can be hard work with multiple diaries, geography and the uncertainty of travel. However whether you are engaging with colleagues, suppliers, customers, shareholders, trustees or other stakeholders meetings are a necessary. They allow for the sharing of opinions, emotions and information. They contribute to team building and problem solving and can accelerate decision making.

Easy Effective Communication

The easiest and most effective way for two people to communicate in real-time over distance is via the telephone. We all have one and know how to use them. So what if more than two people could join a phone call? What if several people could participate in the same secure phone call? What if that call could be recorded and then shared? Low cost, simple to use, safe, flexible and effective.

Audio Conference Call

Audio Conference Call from Xi Comms allows up to 15 participants on a single telephone conversation. A single telephone number that can be dialled from any phone. A single telephone number with PIN access to limit access to authorised users. A single telephone conversation that can be recorded (the same as taking meeting minutes but easier, cheaper and more accurate).

Like any meeting an audio conference is as its most effective if it is planned and organised in advance however a conference can be created and attended in minutes. Click to receive our Tips and Suggestions White-Paper.

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