Lines & Minutes

Xi Comms can supply traditional telephone lines UK wide (Analogue and ISDN) via a direct relationship with BT Openreach. Whether they be new telephone lines or the migration of existing lines and telephone numbers to Xi Comms we can manage your traditional telephone lines and call minutes - delivering low rentals & low call charges, a single easy to understand monthly invoice and great customer service.

BT Network Closure

BT has announced the closure of its traditional digital telephone network in 2025. BT will stop taking orders several years in advance of 2025. Despite this many companies still depend upon the network. Switching supplier of this service to a short term contract is a rapid way to reduce costs without the commitment of a long term contract. It also means that you don’t have to deal with BT as we will do that for you.

What Next?

Once your organisation has made the switch to Xi Comms and has started saving money we would be pleased to discuss with you VoIP, Cloud and Mobile Integration to see how your organisation can become future ready.

  • messagePelican Engineering ...
    “Pelican Engineering has trusted Xi Communications to provide us with best value landline call charges since 2011. On the back of our years of solely positive experience, we have recently migrated the provision of line rentals across to Xi Comms to achieve savings compared to our previous supplier. The migration has proved to be seamless, entirely painless, and financially worthwhile.”

    Steve Brown
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