Intelligent Numbers

Xi Comms has access to a wide range of UK and International intelligent inbound telephone numbers with comprehensive call routing to get callers to the right person straight away.

Number Effectiveness:

Once your business has invested in the promotion of telephone numbers it is all about making sure callers get answered effectively and efficiently.

We can help you to:
● Make sure your business is easy to talk to
● Connect your customers to the most suitable member of staff in the shortest time
● Answer every call in a manner that it deserves
● Send out the right message to your customers
● Develop greater competitive advantage for your business.

Number Type:

Companies invest in advertising & promoting their telephone numbers so your phone number is an asset. The type of telephone number used says a lot about your business and the service your business is providing. Is it a local number, a free to call number or a number that attracts a premium charge to call? 01,02,03,07,08,09?

Xi Comms can provide advice on choosing the most suitable type of telephone number for your business and then deploying it for the optimum results.

Example: Why use and pay for a Freephone number when the majority of callers now ring from mobiles and have bundles of free call minutes? An 01,02 or 03 could also be free for customers to call - and cheaper for you.

Never Miss A Call

What is your average order value? It indicates the average value of a phone call to your business. With Xi Comms you will never knowingly miss a call.

Channel and Measure Call Volumes and Speed to Answer

Why restrict your business to one telephone number just because that is what we have always done? Have your customers call a different number to your suppliers. Then you can prioritise them?

Xi Comms has many thousands of telephone numbers to choose from including memorable geographic and non-geographic numbers.

Number Porting

If your telephone number is an asset make sure if you move office you take your telephone numbers with you. With Xi Comms you should never have to relinquish your telephone numbers whatever – even if you move office.

Advanced call features - get callers to the most suitable person as quickly as possible

Call Routing based on Time of Day, Day of the Week, Where the call comes from.
Call Queueing
Call Recording
Conference Calls
Multi-level IVR (Press 1 for Sales...)

In-depth reporting and statistics, you can’t manage it if you don’t measure it!

Number of calls.
Abandoned calls.
Call duration.
Number of callers held in call queues.

  • messageFireleaf ...
    "We often use the local telephone numbers Xi Communications supply to allow my clients to measure the success of their marketing activity. Not only do the numbers give my clients a 'local' presence in areas where they are not based they also can also easily see incoming call volumes and work out the ROI for a specific campaign."

    Jim Sherwin
    Managing Director
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