Call Recording

Being able to retain a copy of a telephone call can be really valuable. It can save your organisation money and time, improve the way your business manages customers and delivers customer service and it can offer your employees greater protection from unwanted and inappropriate callers.

The three main reasons why companies record telephone calls are:
● Industry or Legal Compliance – are you providing Financial Advice over the phone or taking orders?
● Coaching & Staff training - ideal for any employee who engages over the phone with Customers.
● Dispute Resolution – ever had that telephone conversation the content of which is subsequently denied.

Your requirement may fall into one or more of the above. Call recording from Xi Comms comes in several shapes and sizes to fit your specific requirement. It is Cloud based so it is low cost, easy to deploy, scalable so you don’t need to be a huge Call Centre in order to record your calls.

Recording calls carries its own compliance so we can guide you through that process to make sure nobody gets upset.

  • messageHS4LC ...
    “The previous system simply didn’t perform well enough or meet our needs as an expanding organisation. What the system does for us it to make communication across our sites more easily accessible, at the same time as making internal communications feel flexible and seamless for both our customers and our staff.

    In terms of Xi Comms performance, I’ve always found them knowledgeable, responsive to our needs and above all customer focused.”

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