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Is your business getting Value for Money?

The networks are offering increasing amounts of monthly data but with free Wifi do you need bucket loads of data? When can you expect bundled ‘all you can eat’ mobile data? Take advantage of various value-for-money tariffs across three major networks (EE, Vodafone and O2). Retain existing devices or provide the latest Android or IoS device in a way that best suites your budget.

● Air-time Contracts

Free bundled calls and text messages combined with the a suitable monthly data allowance. The three main networks are available from Xi Comms – choose whichever you have had the best experience of. Other equally effective mobile networks are also an option from operators that do not have to manage and maintain old legacy 2G and 3G networks and have invested in the latest high bandwidth connectivity.

● Mobile Devices

Is it time to update your mobile device? Be it Android or iOS Xi Comms can supply devices from all of the leading manufacturers including Samsung, Apple, HTC, Huawei and Sony. Xi Comms offers rapid delivery and replacement in event of problems.

● SIM Only

The latest Mobile devices are providing the newest features but how many of these new features are really useful as opposed to gimmicks? Users are increasingly holding onto older devices (as long as the battery holds up). A SIM only service from Xi Comms will offer the very best value and latest air-time minutes, txt and data without the cost of replacing perfectly good Mobile phones.

Integrate with your company telephone system

Why do most businesses operate separate mobile and fixed line telephone networks? Answer: because that is what we have done for 20 years. Enable your organisation to become really easy to communicate with. Save money and become more efficient by letting Xi Comms integrate your mobile telephones with your office phones.

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    “As an international business we are dependent on mobile technology to maximise our communications. Xi Comms is a long established telecoms partner delivering amongst other services, mobile contracts and devices.

    A result of our relationship with Xi Comms is that we get highly competitive rates and tariffs backed up by rapid customer service supporting our mobile device users. Xi Comms has encouraged us to look at Mobile Device Management, at our own pace, helping us identify a solution that meets our needs and resources.

    Managing an estate of mobile devices and users can be time intensive. Xi Comms does that for us allowing us to focus on what we do best, in the comfort that we are getting value for money and dependable technology support."

    $150m international food ingredients business
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