Cost Reduction

Are You Getting Value for Money?

An initial telecoms audit is aimed at reducing your costs. By evaluating your bills Xi Comms can remove unnecessary cost from your business. Common occurrences include:

● Bill creep – where invoice values have crept upwards over time but the service remained the same
● Billing errors & charges for services that don’t exist
● Application of incorrect rates and line rentals
● Discounts not being applied
● Charges for services that do not need to exist i.e. removal of redundant lines
● Employee misuse
● Fraud prevention.

They all amount to cost reductions.

However why continue to subsidise old technology when more up to date technology could help your business become even more effective & efficient?. It’s all about Cost v Benefits to determine whether you are getting Value for Money for your business. Once your telecoms is in a healthy condition and you are paying competitive rates for what you use we will explore with you how to make even greater improvements through more advanced technology. We will however have to work hard as the comparison with your reduced costs will be more challenging. Either way you win.

A Xi Comms telecoms audit will help you get to a better place by clarifying where you are now, what you are spending on what and how best you can improve and evolve your telecommunications to meet the future demands of your organisation.

  • messageJoe Manby Limited ...
    “We joined forces with Xi Comms in 2009, as we were impressed by their friendly approach, industry knowledge and competitive pricing. They have provided our landline services for over six years now and have done just as they said they would at the outset, providing a timely response to technical issues and pricing queries.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Xi Comms as a trusted and reliable supplier of telecommunication services.”

    Keith Hemmings
    Company Secretary
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