Mobile Telephony for the Yorkshire Cricket Board

The Yorkshire Cricket Board is the governing body for recreational cricket in Yorkshire and develops the sport throughout the county. It works closely with Yorkshire County Cricket Club and the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation.

The majority of the Yorkshire Cricket Board’s work is carried out in the community which covers all aspects of recreational cricket in Yorkshire including all Club and League Development – junior and senior (750 clubs & 80 leagues), school development and delivery, Player and Player Pathway Development for males and females, Adult Player Participation, Diversity Development, Disability Cricket development; the growth of Women and Girls cricket, Workforce Development (volunteers & professional including coaches, groundsmen, umpires and scorers), Coach Education, Grounds Education, Officials Education and Facility Development.

The Cricket Board, led by Managing Director Andrew Watson, has a work force of 28 staff including four Heads of Region, seven Club and League Development Managers, two Women and Girls Club and League Managers, a team of Community Cricket Officers and a Disability Manager who spend their time working across Yorkshire. Mobile phones provide a vital link between the YCB representatives and the clubs and organisations they work with, as well as making sure the team can keep in touch with their YCB colleagues when they are out and about.

Xi Communications is proud to provide mobile and conference call services to the YCB to make sure they can carry out their important cricket development work as easily and efficiently as possible. Good quality communication tools are essential for an organisation that is focused on sport promotion and support.

The fact that we are also Yorkshire based means we are close at hand should issues arise. We deal with new connections efficiently so that they are up and running quickly and we operate a fast turnaround for issue resolution.

We understand how the organisation works, which means we can match them to the best service and deal for their needs so that they never pay too much for their mobile telecoms.

Tony Mellor of Xi Comms says: “As with all our clients, our point of difference is the way that we proactively manage the account and deliver excellent customer service.

“This is particularly important with mobile telephony, where the market can be confusing to navigate and where service levels and prices vary so greatly.

“We also manage all device changes and upgrades for the YCB with rapid delivery and replacement when required.”

Jane Hildreth of the Yorkshire Cricket Board said: “We are dependent on smartphones and mobile devices to keep in touch with our team of staff who are working in different parts of Yorkshire and Xi Comms makes sure we have a reliable and cost-effective service.

“They really know their stuff when it comes to telecoms so we know we can trust them to make sure we have the best solution for our purposes and, just as importantly, that we are not paying too much for services we don’t need.

“We also have an excellent conference call service through Xi which is extremely valuable for group meetings, particularly as our staff are located all over Yorkshire and opportunities to get together in person can be scarce.

Xi Comms always react promptly when we need anything and they keep in touch with us on a regular basis to make sure everything is working properly and to let us know if there is anything we should be thinking about to improve operations or reduce costs.”

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