Accountancy Firm Manages High Call Volumes with Ease Thanks to Cloud Telephony

Wild and Co Chartered Accountants in Harrogate have always been something of a pioneer when it comes to digital business solutions and have mastered the art of automation, using online systems and processes to tackle tasks that would traditionally have been carried out manually. This focus on doing things digitally means the team has more time to spend with clients analysing the figures and planning for the future.

Thankfully, they applied the same forward-thinking approach to their telecoms and, with the help of Xi Communications, have installed sophisticated and scalable cloud telephony at their offices in Windsor House.

When the coronavirus crisis hit, they experienced a sudden increase in calls and queries from clients. At the same time, they were moving their operations so that all staff could work safely from home.

Graham Wild said: “With so many clients needing urgent advice, it was critical that we didn’t miss a single call during this challenging time. We also needed to make sure clients were able to reach us on our usual office numbers, which they were familiar with.”

Xi Comms set to work to make sure Wild & Co’s office phone numbers could operate effectively from each of the team’s homes using an app-based solution linked to their existing cloud telephony system.

Graham explained that the fast turnaround by Xi Comms meant there was no down time and they were able to continue responding to clients and supporting them through the early days of the crisis.

“Their efficiency was particularly impressive considering we only gave them 24 hours’ notice,” Graham added.

Martin Taylor of Xi Comms said: “One of the best things about cloud telephony is its flexibility to adapt to different working scenarios.

“During the coronavirus outbreak we have been able to help clients move seamlessly from office to home without losing any call quality and using their existing account so that contact numbers and billing processes remain unchanged,” Martin explained.

“Much of our work has also involved helping our clients to use their equipment in a slightly different way to gain maximum benefit from it.

“When everything else is being turned upside down, it makes a huge difference for them to know that at least one element of running a business during lockdown is straightforward,” said Martin.

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