The value of a good team and quality suppliers

Harrogate based digital dictation and speech recognition business VoicePower had been using cloud telephony for some time when Xi Communications reviewed their telecoms and discovered they could be paying a lot less for the same technology. 

Martin Taylor of Xi Comms said: “Unless there is a significant increase to the monthly charges, most companies accept their telecoms costs without questioning the bill when they could be paying a lot less for the same service.” 

As a local business, Xi Comms has also been on hand to provide support and advice quickly whenever it is needed,  which proved invaluable when the coronavirus outbreak happened.

During the lockdown, VoicePower owners Vicky Humberstone and Sonja Brown were keen to make sure the enthusiasm of their staff for collaboration and the sharing of ideas could be maintained. 

Martin said: “We really admire the way Sonja and Vicky run their business and motivate their staff so we knew how important it was for them to maintain a strong team spirit.”

Xi Comms responded by offering them a free telephone conference room for three months to make sure they could keep that team ethic going at no extra cost. 

Sonja said: “The help we received from Xi Comms to move our operations from office to home and keep us in touch with our team during this time was invaluable and made all the difference at a time when we were facing so many challenges.”

The VoicePower team established a daily morning huddle in the conference room during lockdown to catch up, share ideas and focus on priorities.

“Our people are really important to us and we always do our best to be fair, supportive and motivating employers so we were keen to keep this going even when we were all based remotely,” said Sonja.

“The professional grade conference facility we have through Xi Comms gives us excellent call quality and reliability and has been just perfect for keeping us all connected. 

“It is at times like this, when everyday business operations need to adapt quickly, that the quality of your suppliers comes into sharp focus and we are very pleased that Xi Comms is one of them.” 

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