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Telecoms and Broadband Solutions for Flexible Working

Light at the end of a very long and weary tunnel. The vaccine rollout in the UK gives us all hope of returning to some sort of normality. Some business are already making plans. Will you continue with home-working?

Possibly move to smaller office premises? try and get back to how you were? Whatever you do you will need good quality, resilient and secure comms. Xi Comms is here to help you navigate your chosen path.

How we can help

Remote working

We can check the home broadband of your key staff to make sure it is the best available in that location. We’ll also identify and resolve issues with the home router for issues that may interfere with efficient remote working.

Mobile telecoms

We have access to some of the best mobile deals on the market. By increasing your data allowance on business mobile packages, mobiles can be a cost-effective way to gain extra bandwidth at home.

Enhancing your customer service

Our cloud telephony packages enable you to divert your main office phone number to the cloud so that you never miss a call, wherever you’re working from. The systems are cost-effective to install and run and are packed with features. It’s easy to change your phone greeting message quickly to adapt to changing business circumstances.

At times like these, the future can be hard to predict. With Xi Comms you’re ready for anything and will have the systems in place to adapt rapidly.

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