Quick switch to homeworking for energy firm thanks to Xi Comms

Harrogate energy management firm CNG Switch supports businesses to secure the most cost-effective contracts and tariffs for gas, electricity and water, saving them time and money in the process. 

Xi Comms has a longstanding relationship with CNG Switch and recently helped them move their telecoms operations to their new base within CNG’s headquarters on Victoria Avenue, Harrogate. 

Within weeks of the office relocation, CNG Switch was on the move again as coronavirus hit and its team of outbound call staff were forced to work from home. 

Wesley Gill, Managing Director of CNG Switch, said the transition to home working had created a number of challenges for the business. 

“All contracts are recorded verbally so it’s important that we keep this function even when we are all home working” he explained. 

“With everyone based in different locations, using their own equipment, the integrity of the business and our need to maintain high quality standards were key concerns.” 

Thankfully, the system Xi Communications had installed for CNG Switch was able to meet these challenges. 

Tony Mellor of Xi Comms said: “Having helped CNG Switch to move office only a month before, we had already set everything up to be as flexible as possible to accommodate future growth and change. 

“We were able to make system adjustments quickly so that everyone could work at home securely, calls could still be recorded, and managers could continue to jump onto calls for listening and training when needed,” he added. 

The technology deployed by Xi Comms means the CNG Switch company phone lines can be used on any device. The official office number displays to recipients from landline or mobile using special app-based functionality and calls are billed through the company account. 

Customers and prospects can easily be transferred between agents and the whole telecoms system operates just as it would if everyone were based in the same building. 

Wes said: “From a business continuity perspective, the quality of our telecoms system and the support we have received from Xi Comms to set up the extra functions for home working have resulted in a smooth transition and no loss of service. 

“Thanks to Xi Comms we have managed two major events – an office move and nationwide lockdown – without any impact to our day-to-day business.” 

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