BT Openreach Network Closure

Openreach will be switching off its telecom networks (PSTN and ISDN) at the end of 2025 – and we are assured by Openreach that nothing will delay this. Businesses and consumers will be affected.

The process started several years ago. Salisbury and Mildenhall have already been used by Openreach for trials and the provision of new PSTN and ISDN services will stop in early 2021. Businesses and consumers are migrating to the next generation of network.

In Leeds, BT exchange areas of Harehills, Headingley, Morley and Horsforth are going through a similar process. December 2025 is the final date. Openreach’s program has already begun.

Don’t just take our word for it:

What does this mean for you and your businesses?

As the volume of services on the old network reduce the network stills needs maintaining by BT. This means that charges incl. line rentals and call charges are likely to rise. We have already seen this in the wholesale market.

So if you do nothing then:

  • your costs will increase.
  • your phone line/s will eventually cease, services running over that line would cease (broadband, alarm line etc), the telecoms equipment on the end of your line would stop working and you would lose your telephone number/s.

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